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Smartphones Buying Guide 2021

Mobile Phone Buying Tips
Mobile Phone Buying Tips | Smartphones Buying Guide 2021

Mobile Phone Buying Tips and Tricks | Smartphones Buying Guide 2021: We are telling you some important information if you are going to buy a new mobile phone, then you must take care of some special things, we all know that when we go to buy anything, we get very confused that What do we buy and this often happens when buying a mobile phone, everyone wants to buy a mobile phone, buy a mobile phone so that they do not have to face any problem after buying, but the work for which the mobile is bought He continued to do that work in a good manner, keeping this in mind, before buying a new mobile, what things should be considered, we have told you about what are the things of the mobile that you must see. It is our hope that whatever points are given below, if you buy any new mobile keeping these in mind, then you will definitely be able to buy a good phone and the best thing is you will be able to buy a good phone.

  • Mobile Phone Price Range
  • Mobile Phone Operating system
  • Mobile Phone Battery life
  • Mobile Phone Screen display
  • Mobile Phone Internal memory
  • Mobile Phone Cache
  • Mobile Phone Camera
  • Mobile Phone RAM 
  • Mobile Phone Resolution
  • Mobile Phone Upgrade
  • Mobile Phone look 
  • Mobile Phone Selfie
  • Mobile Phone Mobile Service Center
  • Conclusion

Mobile Phone Price Range

First of all, we are telling you that before buying any good phone, it is very important to decide that in which range you want to buy any Android phone, this will give you an advantage when you decide on a target.

That's how much you can buy a mobile, then it becomes very easy to buy a mobile because then you can search from one company to another company to another company to third company, all the companies' phones and you will get whatever you want in your price list. you should buy mobile

Mobile Phone Operating System

To check any mobile properly that how powerful that mobile is, then for this you should definitely check the operating system by calling that mobile whether it is the latest operating system and if the phone is in the latest operating system and whether that operating system is running. Can be upgraded, this is also very important to check, if you select the phone to buy after checking these things, then definitely you will buy a good phone

Mobile Phone Battery life

Mobile phone battery backup Now we are telling you the most important thing, in today's world, a large amount of people are active on social media, they entertain through social media because every person is in some tension, that's why every person needs entertainment. There is a need and maybe you too will be entertained in some way or the other after buying a mobile, that's why when you are buying a new Android smartphone mobile phone, you should be aware of its battery and it should be your effort that you get as much as possible. Get more power battery because every person is on YouTube in today's date, short video applications are downloaded and all people definitely enjoy watching videos and watching answer videos, when your mobile battery goes the fastest, then you should pay attention to this. Whenever you have to keep the list of buying a new mobile, before that one of the best most important feature of that mobile is its battery, choose it very wisely.

Mobile Phone Screen display

We have told you that in today's date, buying a mobile has become a lot of confusion because many types of phones have come in the market and the biggest problem is that most of the phones are very similar to each other and when in the market. Many phones are similar, so buying a phone becomes very confusing, that's why we are telling you whenever you buy a phone, the screen display of the phone

Also keep in mind because today is the age of videos when people give videos and in such a situation it is very nice to watch videos on a big screen and many people like a big phone in hand, then if your phone's the bigger the screen the better

Mobile Phone Internal Memory

Mobile phone internal memory What kind of teacher is this, if your mobile phone does not have a lot of speech, then many times you have a problem, we are telling you that the internal memory of the Android mobile phone is as high and it can be extended, then even more It is good because most mobile phones have 64GB, 128GB internal memory, but with this, if there is an option to install external memory, then it increases the quality of the phone even more, keep this thing in mind if the memory is less. But if it can be extended that's good

Mobile Phone Cache

This is also a very good option if you are buying a new mobile, the higher the cache memory of the TV mobile phone, it helps you to a great extent. If you go to many websites on the Internet, then you do a lot of searches, then some important files are saved in your phone, so that if you search the previously searched website again, then that information does not take much time to load. This saves your data, saves your time, keep in mind that if you have more cache memory in your mobile phone then it is a good thing.

Mobile Phone Camera

Mobile phone camera is most important in mobile phone in today's date because in today's world it is time to make video, it is time to take selfie and in such a situation, if the camera of mobile phone is not good then you will not be able to do both these things well. 

Mobile Phone RAM 

The rate of the phone is very important because the speed of your phone depends on the RAM of your phone, how fast your phone will run, how slow it will run, it all depends on the RAM of your phone, if the RAM of your phone is less then your The phone will run slow when you use a heavy site on the internet, play a game, run a good application, then your phone will not work and today's era is of gaming, everyone plays games in today's date and 4GB 6GB to play games It is mandatory to have RAM so that you can play the game very easily, you should keep in mind that if you are buying a mobile phone in today's date, then its RAM should be 4GB 64GB, so you will not have any problem in the coming time. Can play all kinds of games.

Mobile Phone Resolution

Mobile phone resolution is a very useful thing, it is probably not that good to explain it in full detail, but to understand from the simple point that after taking photos of the phone after taking its videos, then if you do editing in it. There is no special difference in his videos in his photo and when you see the video in his phone, it is very clear and clearly visible, the more the reservation of your phone's screen, the better is some types are given below. can consider them
  • HD (High Definition) – 1280 x 720
  • Quarter HD or qHD - 960×540
  • QVGA - 320×240
  • SVGA - 800x600
  • VGA - 640×480

Mobile Phone Upgrade

See, often we know that nowadays phones are becoming very expensive and in such a situation, if the phone is bought without thinking at all, then it is not wise, you should keep in mind all the features of the phone and one of the best features is the phone. Upgrading you see, new features are going nowadays, often you see that as soon as a new phone comes, its new version comes, then new features come in it, if your phone has the option of falling upgrade then it is very good for you. It will be a matter that you will be able to run all the new features.

Mobile Phone look 

Many people may or may not pay attention to this, but you must have seen that whenever someone sees your phone, he first gives the look of your phone, not after that it comes to the features on the phone, we are telling you if Sen. If you find a good looking phone in the category China price then always you should choose a good beautiful smartphone because beauty is love and love is life

Mobile Phone Selfie

We all know that in today's date, choosing from selfie is a common thing and if the mobile phone does not have a good selfie camera then it seems as if there is nothing in the phone if you are not able to take a lot of selfies. So maybe you do not keep this in mind, but still you should think a little about the selfie camera of the mobile because the way the society is changing cartoon if you get a good selfie camera together then it is icing on the gold will be the same.

Mobile Phone Mobile Service Center

Whenever we buy a good mobile phone, how is it not that there is no defect in the mobile phone The company that makes the new phone then 99.9% believe that the product made by the company is correct but there is never a hundred percent activity It may happen that after using a mobile phone for some time, if there is any kind of problem in it, then what will you do, for this, if possible, you should have information about its service center while buying a mobile phone, whenever we have our eyes. If you buy a new phone then you do not have to go to the service center but for your betterment it is better to have this information.


Whatever tips and tricks we have given you about buying a new mobile phone, it is our hope that if you keep these things in mind then you will be able to buy a good smartphone Android mobile phone and we will remain like this that you buy a good phone and have a long life. Make good use of it till the time, we will keep bringing you more information related to Android smartphone, you stay connected with us and we will keep bringing more tips and tricks related to mobile phones.