I am explaining my website domain name.

Domain name has three parts.

Number 1:-whats

because most of the content on the website is related to whatsApp, that is why whats have been used in the domain name.

Number 2:-GroupLink

Most of the information on the website reaches the people through group links, that is why grouplink have been used in the domain name.

Number 3:-18

18 is my favorite number and very lucky for me since childhood.That is why 18 Number have been used in the domain name.

Some more reasons to like the number 18 And used My Domain Name.

  1. Number 18 represnts love.
  2. Number 18 represnts growth.
  3. Number 18 represnts spiritual success.
  4. Number 18 represnts divine.
  5. Number 18 represnts alive.
  6. Number 18 represnts positive thoughts.
  7. Number 18 represnts vibrations and energies.
  8. Number 18 is symbolic of bondage in the Bible.
  9. Scriptures, 18 is pronounced as Shiba and is considered a lucky number due to the similarity with Shifa, which means “getting rich for sure.”
  10. Based on the number 18 symbolism, this angel number only offers you good things in life and comes as a blessing.
  11. Angel number 18 represents the combination of energies from number 1 and also number 8.
  12. When you dream of an angel number 18, that means your life is going to get even better.
  13. 1 is Sun and 8 is Saturn.  You are ruled by Sun and Saturn in 18.  As 18 = 9 you are also ruled by Mars.
  14. Number’s 18 friends can be people who have the same mental qualities and ambition.
  15. Number 18 personality traits are summarized in a single word: balance.
  16. A Numerology number 18 marriage life represents true partnership.
  17. The number 18 is a master number in numerology.
  18. The number 18 can provide good fortune with a series of successes in an infinite number of ways.


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